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Magick Accepted

2007-10-22 19:35:18 by Busjbusj

YAY! Magick has been protected and has the highest score of any of my flash yet!


2007-10-22 01:08:54 by Busjbusj

Magick, my new flash is now up for voting. Please vote yes!


2007-10-17 06:57:43 by Busjbusj

Yay! My first flash submission! Thank you MRSPY for favouriting it. YAY!

New Game!

2007-10-17 06:43:06 by Busjbusj

After the failure of "Suicide CI" I have now made the new game, The Dumbness Test. It is still being approved so please vote yes on THE DUMBNESS TEST!